Alta Mere carries a number of products that satisfy your car needs. No one car owner is the same. Because of this, we offer a wide variety of car accessories. Everything from security and safety-enhancing extras are provided to ensure that your needs are met.


Overview of Product Inventory:

Below are some of the different product areas our inventory carries.

  • Car Security
  • Car Safety
  • Car Audio
  • Car Electronics
  • Keyless Entry & Remote Start

Products and pricing may vary by location – please check with your local Alta Mere for price and availability.

To learn about our amazing car products, discover an Alta Mere location near you.

FAQs About Our Auto Products

What kinds of security products can I purchase?

  • Remote Panic
  • Door Protection
  • Dual Vehicle Capability
  • Active / Passive Arming
  • Anti Scan Technology
  • Dual Stage Impact Sensor

What’s the difference between keyless entry and remote start?

Just as the name suggests, keyless entry means you can lock and unlock your car without manually turning a key in the door. On another note, remote starters enable you to start your vehicle from the convenience of another nearby location.